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Published on July 9th, 2015 | by News Feed

More Than 60 Percent of NFL Players Use Pot on a Regular Basis

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the National Football League and marijuana use. It’s pretty well known that some players use marijuana, but until now, no one realized how prevalent pot was outside the locker room. According to a new article from Bleacher Report, more than 60 percent of NFL players are using weed.

Jamal Anderson, former running back for the Falcons said that weed is incredibly common among players. After interviewing 16 other players that chose to remain anonymous, Mike Freeman was surprised to see just how common cannabis had become in the league.

Freeman learned that most players turn to marijuana for pain relief or to help ease the pain of injuries and joint pain that is common after taking constant hits and brutal training. Many players use pot as a preventative measure for head traumas, despite NFL policies that prohibit it. It seems that pot is not a recreational hobby whatsoever, but it is used primarily for medicinal purposes.

One player shared that he had been self medicating with alcohol and was facing a “borderline drinking problem” before he started using marijuana. Another anonymous player said he believed he would have committed suicide if he had not started using marijuana to cope with his injuries.

With so many players using weed, it seems unbelievable that the league doesn’t catch on. When Freeman asked players how they avoided getting caught, they said that it wasn’t actually that hard. Unless they are enrolled in a substance abuse treatment program, the NFL only does drug testing once a year and players know far enough in advance to guarantee they pass the tests.

It’s rare for a player to get caught, but if they do, it’s all over. They must enroll in a mandatory substance abuse program and then they will be drug tested almost constantly, as often as 10 times per month making it impossible to rely on marijuana for injuries.

As more and more NFL players turn to marijuana to avoid addiction to pain killers, it looks like it is time for the NFL to reconsider their policies. Wouldn’t it be a smarter choice to have a doctor overseeing cannabis use through appropriate medical marijuana prescriptions?

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