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Published on December 13th, 2015 | by News Feed

Chef Mindy Segal Soon to Offer Gourmet Edibles to Medical Marijuana Patients

Medical marijuana is a still a controversial topic, but that hasn’t stopped prominent chef Mindy Segal from chasing her dream to offer gourmet edibles to patients. As a top chef in Chicago, Segal is planning to make a variety of marijuana-infused treats for patients who need to alleviate symptoms like pain and nausea.

Segal own Mindy’s HotChocolate in the Bucktown area of Chicago. She and Cresco Labs are working together to create the new line of goodies for medical marijuana patients. Her “Cookie Love” book is the inspiration for some of the delectable treats that she plans to offer, such as cookie batter mix, hot chocolate, granola bites, and chocolate brittle bars. Segal hopes to start selling her edibles by February 2016.

Medical marijuana is still very new to Illinois and dispensaries just started serving patients last month. There are about 40 different disabling and chronic conditions on the list of maladies that are eligible for medical marijuana. Some of these include muscular dystrophy, HIV and cancer. Segal believes edibles offer these patients an alternative way to enjoy cannabis without the stigma of smoking joints.

Creating edible marijuana treats is a relatively new adventure for Segal who has only tried her hand at it a few times for personal friends who live with disabling conditions. She has never made the products to sell before. She specifically hopes to market her desserts to patients suffering from chemotherapy-related side effects.

While Segal is responsible for creating the perfect recipes, Cresco will be responsible to insure each edible has the right dose of medical marijuana. To her surprise, she has yet to experience any resistance to her ideas and efforts in creating medical marijuana edibles. “I have a lot to learn and a lot to give,” remarked Segal. “I’m hoping I can be a leader in the industry.

Charles Bachtell, founder of Cresco Labs, said he is excited to partner with Segal on this new undertaking. “Having someone with Mindy’s name brand and credibility enter the cannabis industry says a lot about where this industry is headed.”

Do you think other prominent chefs will take an interest in marijuana infused edibles in the coming months? Could this help to relieve the stigma that is often attached to medical marijuana prescriptions?

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