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Published on August 1st, 2014 | by News Feed

Cop Targets Stoners in Seattle With Strange Coin Flip Method

Ever since Initiative 502 was passed in Washington, marijuana has been a frequent sighting in Seattle. Most people just keep on walking and ignore the occasional toker, but one police officer made it his personal mission to put an end to weed consumption. His vendetta was discovered during a routine evaluation of the marijuana citations given over a six month period. Police chief Kathleen O’Toole was shocked to see that one cop had written 80 percent of the weed tickets. Even worse, the majority of the citations were written to homeless people and African American men.

Chief O’Toole immediately launched an investigation and removed the officer from his duty on the streets. He landed a nice cozy desk job where superiors could keep a close eye on him. Further investigation has uncovered a strange, but somewhat amusing story of how this officer has spent the past six months. Apparently, he feels strongly that the current marijuana laws are “silly” based on his commentary left on the citation reports. He also has a major problem with one Seattle attorney named Pete Holmes. On many of the tickets, the cop scribbled “Petey Holmes” in the margin to make a point. Holmes is a vocal supporter of legalizing marijuana and that was likely what made him such a target.

Holmes felt horrible about the situation when he heard about the dozens of homeless people that were ticketed in an attempt to get his attention. He released a statement last week saying, “I am personally very sorry that apparently a significant number of homeless individuals were inconvenienced by an officer’s apparent attempt to get at me. But I’m really sorry that our citizens were unnecessarily inconvenienced,”

The strangest part of the cop’s one man war on weed involves his methods for choosing who to ticket. According to his own notes, he would carry around a coin and when he saw two people smoking pot, he would make them toss it. Whoever won the coin toss was allowed to keep the pipe and leave without any further hassle. The one that lost received a ticket.

Investigators have learned that almost half of the tickets were written to people that listed homeless shelters or services as their home address. Most of the citations were also given to African American men. It’s not clear why the cop was targeting these particular people.

Chief O’Toole told reporters that the incidents are still under investigation, but Seattle police will not be hassling citizens like that in the future. No more coin toss pot tickets for Seattle smokers!

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