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Published on October 1st, 2015 | by News Feed

Cops Blame Bigfoot For Failed Pot Bust

Bigfoot has been blamed for a lot of issues over the years ranging from destroyed property all the way to breaking and entering. However Texas police are now blaming the mythical creature for something that seems a little too good to be true. They claim that that the hairy monster is to blame for their inability to capture several suspects responsible, they claim, for growing nearly one acre of marijuana.

Last weekend a crew of several Delta County police officers, game wardens, and officers from the Department of Public Safety took action on a tip that they received from several area hog wranglers. According to the tip a “substantial marijuana field” was being grown in a portion of Wildlife Management land deep inside the forest. The area is located about 1 hour outside of Dallas.

The group was aided by a pack of dogs as well as aerial support. The dope wranglers were stomping through the forest hoping to find the mother load of marijuana. And they actually did. They report that they found nearly 1 acre of marijuana plants, some as tall as 10 feet. In all they suspect that there were a total of 6,550 plants with a total value of around 6 million dollars. Delta County Sherriff Ricky Smith claims that this was the largest discovery of marijuana in his career.

Those investigating the tip claim that the suspects in the operation are more than likely American and not some group of cartel thugs sent over the border. “We were told the suspects spoke English and communicated well,” Smith said.

The officers claim that they were hot on the trail of the suspects but their mission was hampered when they encountered a group of Bigfoot photographers hoping to get a glimpse of the legendary beast.

Police believe that the illegal dope growing had been taking place in this area since May. The officers also claim that the suspects had a full campsite as well as a full irrigation system, generators, and a camouflaging system.

It is always a shame when such a large quantity of perfectly fine marijuana is destroyed. There is good news to be had in this story. The suspects were able to elude the officers and thus the possibility of jail time. In Texas, a marijuana grow field like this would have easily put these people behind bars for around 99 years.

The Texas police have not stated whether Bigfoot is a suspect in this operation.

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