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Published on October 13th, 2015 | by News Feed

Cops Find Stoner in Fetal Position Surrounded by Doritos and Chips Ahoy

If you have ever called the police because you smoked too much weed, you might be a stoner with a problem. That is the case with a 22-year-old Austintown, Ohio man. He called 911 to request police help because he was “too high”. The call was placed at 5:20 PM on the evening of October 3. The police did not assume this was a prank and they responded rather quickly to the call.

When the responding officers made their way to the scene, they found the young man lying on the floor in the fetal position. However, in true stoner fashion, he was not empty handed. The cops claim that a huge stack of snacks surrounded the man. Police say that Dorito’s, Goldfish, and chocolate chip cookies surrounded him. As most pot smokers will attest, that was a great choice of snacks.

The man, when asked by the police why he made the call, said that he was afraid because he could no longer feel his hands. He told the officers that he had smoked marijuana in his car and that he was now afraid he had smoked too much. He then, for some reason, gave the police permission to search his car. The police found a used glass pipe, rolling papers, roaches, and a glass jar with marijuana inside. The report did not state how much marijuana was found in the jar. Surprisingly, the man was not arrested. After informing the police that he could not feel his hands medical help was offered, but strangely he refused all treatment.

With so many people feverishly fighting for the complete freedom and legality of marijuana, stories like this will only serve to thwart the efforts of the fighters. While the stories are funny and many will get a kick out of the sheer idiocy of the young man, their must be a line drawn where we band together and shack our heads.

Was this a joke? Is it possible that this was a rush week prank? Perhaps this man was punked by his friends. Surely, hopefully, this man was not dumb enough to rat himself out for smoking pot.

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