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Published on June 4th, 2015 | by News Feed

David Letterman and Oprah Talk About Weed and Selfies

As David Letterman winds down his late night television career, he’s really letting go and talking about even the most taboo topics with his guests. Recently, he sat down with Oprah Winfrey to discuss marijuana, the munchies, and the dangers of taking selfies with fans.

Letterman pretty much jumped right to the topic on his mind when he sat down with Oprah. “What do you think about smoking weed?” he asked her. She was a bit started at first and then she answered (questionably) honestly. “Actually no. I haven’t smoked weed in thirty years. Really!”

Then they spent some time reminiscing about the good old days when pot just gave you a mean case of the munchies. Letterman said, “I remember when I lived in California years and years and years ago, and you could smoke an entire joint and then you’d say, ‘I’m kinda hungry’ and that would be it.” But Letterman thinks today’s weed might be a little stronger than what he used to enjoy. “Now people tell me this stuff is one hit and suddenly you’re orbiting Neptune.”

“I’d be kind of scared of that,” Oprah said. Letterman admitted that while he used to like the ganja, he eventually gave it up because the munchies were getting the best of him. “I had to quit. One night I found myself standing in front of the freezer and I ate two pints of ice cream.”

Oprah just laughed and admitted that she ate a sleeve of oreos after lighting up. They both agreed that smoking pot was just a thing of the past. Then they compared stories of overly excited fans begging for selfies.

It’s entertaining to picture Letterman and Oprah lighting up a big joint, even if it was a while ago! You can watch the video clip of their conversation here.

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