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Published on June 13th, 2015 | by News Feed

Dirty Cops Forced To Tell Truth About Pot Bust

Dirty cops have filled police departments all over the world for years. However being able to uncover the filth is a new level of excitement that few ever get to experience. Thankfully justice is now being served to a handful of dishonest cops in Chicago after a pot bust brought forward some questions about their conduct.

Few would argue that the war on drugs has been successful. Yet in this age-old battle of good vs. evil, the cops always have the upper hand. So why then are so many cops willing to use dastardly deeds to nail a “criminal” for possessing pot? Marijuana is legal, in some capacity, in 23 states plus the District of Columbia. Yet the police are continuing to use underhanded tactics and down right manipulative means to catch their man.

Four Chicago police officers are now facing felony perjury charges as well as obstruction of justice charges stemming from the March 2014 arrest of Joseph Sperling. Sperling, according to the lead officer, was pulled over for a routine traffic stop. While waiting for Sperling to produce a license and registration, according to the cop, he smelled marijuana.

This led officer Pruente to pull Sperling from the car, search him, and ultimately find nearly a pound of marijuana in a backpack. This was the testimony given, under oath, during the trial. The only problem is that the testimony was a lie.

The lawyer for Mr. Sperling was able to enter the dash cam footage from the police officers car as evidence. The footage shows that the officer reached through an open window and then unlocked the car. He then pulled the man from the car and searched him. Unlawfully as well. The testimony would have stood if not for the camera footage. Because of the footage Officer Urbanowski was forced to admit that her fellow officers were lying.

After the testimony was found to be unreliable the circuit judge, Judge Catherine Haberkorn, was less than pleased with the officers.

“Obviously, this is very outrageous conduct,” Judge Haberkorn said after seeing the video. “All officers lied on the stand today… All their testimony was a lie.”

All officers, except for Urbanowski, were relieved of their duties. Of the four officers involved 3 were members of the narcotics division. Urbanowski has been on paid vacation since March 2014.

All four officers are now facing penalties of 5 years in prison. The real question here is how often does this happen? Many lawyers in the Chicago area say that police officers lying under oath is very common and many refer to it as “testilying.”

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