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Published on October 1st, 2014 | by News Feed

This Could Be the Most Epic Smuggling Mistake in History

Drug smugglers are usually pretty crafty, but every once in awhile someone makes a mistake that leaves a trail of busted dealers for police to find. This week, a New Mexico man made one of the biggest smuggling mistakes ever recorded after he accidentally forgot to get 140 pounds of marijuana out of the trunk of his rental car before he returned it. David Ung dropped off his rental car at Hertz near the airport and never realized his stash was still hiding in the back.

When employees started cleaning the car, they opened to trunk and found big bags full of weed. They called in the cops, who were astonished to see such a massive quantity of “high grade” pot just stashed in the trunk forgotten. They noticed that the weed was definitely not a standard variety and felt sure it was linked to some of the “big fish” smugglers around the border.

As police were marveling over the massive stash, Ung realized his mistake and quickly called to see if he could get back into the car claiming he had left behind a piece of luggage. His face must have been priceless when he pulled in the rental car lot and found police waiting to meet him. Despite being caught red handed, he refused to make any statements until he was given access to his attorney.

Police took him to jail, where he is awaiting trial on a $10,000 bond. Cops were like kids in the candy shop when they figured out the weed was worth an estimated $1 million. Homeland Security is now following a trail that Ung started in hopes to uncover some of the larger culprits in New Mexico’s smuggling ring.

While it’s an honest mistake to leave behind your sunglasses or your CD’s in a rental car, it’s hard to imagine how Ung could have forgotten 140 pounds of weed.

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