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Published on December 6th, 2015 | by News Feed

Florida Officials Select Five Nurseries to Produce Charlotte’s Web Cannabis Strain

Ever since Florida officials approved medical marijuana, parents of epileptic children have been waiting to get access to Charlotte’s web. The CBD-rich strain is important for pediatric patients because it comes as non-euphoric oil and doesn’t have the same psychoactive side effects as other medical pot strains. Parents were initially promised that Charlotte’s Web would be available at the beginning of 2015, but there have been endless delays leading to mounting anger and frustration.

Thankfully, the state has finally granted permission to five specific growers and dispensaries to start producing Charlotte’s Web. After eighteen months of sorting through dozens of applications, officials finally selected the most experienced growers to responsibly handle the high demand for this specialized medical marijuana.

Senator Rob Bradley, a strong proponent for medical marijuana, said he is pleased with the selected nurseries and thankful that this issue has finally been laid to rest. “I think now the attention should be focused on the industry to make sure that they cause no further delays and we move forward getting this product to these suffering families as quickly as possible.”

For the five growers that have gained approval for Charlotte’s Web, the clock is already ticking. Officials stipulated some guidelines that will be carefully monitored. Each dispensary will have to immediately request a cultivation authorization and post a 5 million dollar performance bond within the next 10 days. Officials are also requiring that the growers be ready to start dispensing Charlotte’s Web within 210 days, or around seven months.

While the approved nurseries focus their attention on growing and processing the specialized marijuana plants, many expect that the rejected nurseries will challenge the process used to determine which business was selected. If so, this could once again hold up the process of making Charlotte’s Web available.

Do you think Charlotte’s Web strains should be so strictly limited or are lawmakers going too far with their regulations of medical marijuana?

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