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Published on November 28th, 2015 | by News Feed

Former Canadian Chocolate Factory Converted Into Marijuana Factory

It’s Willy Wonka’s dream come true. A former chocolate factory in Ontario is now used to produce something far better than candy bars. The old plant was given a makeover and now houses a massive medical marijuana factory. Those old sugar tanks are now watering cans for pot plants that cover 168,000 feet of factory space.

The new operation is owned and operated by Tweed Marijuana Inc. and it’s now the largest medical marijuana factory in Canada. It first opened last year but was quickly publicly traded when eager investors decided to get involved in the marijuana industry. Former CEO and co-founder Chuck Rafici speculated that Canada’s pot market would soon reach the billion-dollar mark with Tweed riding the wave all the way to the top.

Of course, knowing that the factory is inside an old chocolate factory is just an added benefit. “The fact that it’s a former chocolate factory, I mean, the story writes itself,” Rafici said. Now that he has stepped away from his duties as CEO, he has turned his attention to legalizing recreational marijuana as part of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s party.

For Tweed Marijuana Inc., business is booming. They currently offer five strains with fun names taken from woolen fabrics and fictional characters like the notorious Sherlock Holmes. With thousands of feet of growing space, Tweed promises they will never run low on pot supplies and they even offer Canadian buyers a $25 credit if their supplies ever do get limited due to demand.

It’s a promising beginning for the medical marijuana empire, but company leaders predict the best is yet to come. Bruce Linton, the CEO of Canopy Growth, Tweed’s parent company, said the business had recently renewed its license to grow and sell pot. “This is an indication that Health Canada has confidence in Tweed’s ability to continue to meet the rigorous production, product quality, and security requirements of the regulatory regime,” he said. “The race is about to begin.”

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