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Published on September 27th, 2015 | by News Feed

“Gas And Grass” Presents Promising New Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

Marijuana is something that is sure to elicit a response, in some form. Some people like it and others do not. But there is no denying the simple fact that more and more Americans are warming to the plant and the idea of allowing people to choose for themselves whether or not they will partake of it.

The marijuana business in Colorado and Washington is booming and many are wondering what the next step will be in the business. In Colorado, entrepreneurs are embracing the idea or pairing marijuana dispensaries with gas stations. Gas up your car… and grab some grass for your vape all in the same spot!

Native Roots is a Denver based business that is planning to open several Gas and Grass stations in the Colorado Springs area over the next month. The hope is that a traditional gas station coupled with a marijuana dispensary will offer people the ultimate in convenience. “It’s really just kind of pairing the convenience in one specific stop,” company spokesperson Tia Mattson said.

She was also quick to point out that the gas station and the dispensary will have separate entrances. She likened the experience to a grocery store and a warehouse combining efforts to better serve the public.

“It’s just one more thing for us to pair up the shopping and convenience of gas with a stop for somebody who is a patient, to knock off both errands at one time,” Mattson told KOAA-TV.

This business trend is just another reminder of how integrated legal marijuana has become in the economy of Colorado. Further it shows that the marijuana business has been well received and has not caused any of the problems that many suggested that it would.

So far, the public has had a positive response to the idea of “Gas and Grass”. “You can buy cigarettes, you can buy beer, so why not?” one woman buying gas at a Denver station, told KOAA-TV.

What do you think… is “Gas and Grass” a billion dollar idea? Would you frequent a gas station that doubled as a dispensary if it was legal in your state?

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