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Published on March 30th, 2015 | by News Feed

Get Ready for Your Dream Job As a Professional Pot Counselor

While the title of a professional pot counselor might have seemed like a dream come true back during your high school years, it is no longer a fantasy. A Florida based company is hoping to find additional ways to capitalize on the growing medical marijuana field and they are doing it through education and training professional marijuana experts as pot counselors.

Hemp Staff is located in Florida and they are now traveling the country and holding several different conferences that are seeking to create professional “budtenders” or counselors. Chicago is the most recent spot of the conventions and they were held at the DoubleTree Hotel. Many attended the event and they all came with the same goal – to become a certified budtender.

The event is not all fun and games. In order to pass your certification test, you have to score a minimum of 75% on all questions asked. Each session is followed by a 20 question test and those who fail are doomed to miss out on the job of a lifetime.

John Reininger was one of the may that attended the seminars and he was hoping to secure a future for himself in the medical marijuana industry. Reininger is already in the medical field as he works in a local oncology department. Being in this type of field has allowed him to see hundreds of patients that are battling the horrible disease of cancer. According to him, he has a desire to offer a more natural drug.

While the training that Hemp Staff offers is good and detail oriented, some believe budtenders are not the best solution for the marijuana industry.  Josh Friedman is a licensed medical marijuana dispenser and he thinks the pot business is best reserved for medical professionals in order to avoid more legal red tape in the future. His goal is to streamline the business and to make it more like a pharmacy. In fact, while he is seeking to hire as many as 5 additional employees, he will not hire anyone that does not hold either a pharmacist license or a technician certificate. In his mind this is the best way to professionalize the industry and to maintain a certain level of credibility.

Rosie Yagielo is the vice president of Hemp Staff and she seems to think a little differently. She admits that there is a ton of interest in the process and the education courses but she also understands why there might be hesitation in the field among the more highly trained. However her desire is to offer a “fighting chance” to those that are truly interested.

The end goal for all of the attendees is to land a job in the medical marijuana field. However this will be harder than many imagined. With three hour seminars and grueling exams, students must be bright, attentive, and intelligent if they want to make the cut. The bright spot, according to Yagiel, is that the majority of those attending the events have previous medical experience. That helps to weed out those that are simply seeking a way into the pot industry for nefarious reasons.

Do you think medical marijuana dispensaries should only hire experienced pharmaceutical professionals?

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