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Published on July 25th, 2014 | by admin

What Happened When A Woman Found A Massive Abandoned Bag of Weed?

It was just a typical day in Reno County when Wendy Flickinger spotted a strange bag sitting next to the road. She couldn’t contain her curiosity so she grabbed the bag to take a closer look. “I look over and I found a bag, a plastic bag, with other plastic bags in it and I’m going what is that?” she told reporters. Apparently Flickinger is fairly innocent because she had no idea that the bag contained hundreds of dollars worth of marijuana.

She stuck the bag in her car and took it with her to work where she proceeded to ask around to see if anyone knew what the green substance might be. “I asked the guys, I said what is this? They said, oh my gosh, that’s pot!” she said. Flickinger was stunned by her discovery so instead of passing out her find to the excited coworkers around her, she took the bag straight to her car and placed it in the passenger’s seat while she drove over to pick up her best friend.

“She called me and said I’m in your driveway. She said you want to come out and see what I got,” said her friend Pam Cartwright. The women stared at the bag, trying to determine why it was on the side of the road and what they should do with it. Suddenly it occurred to them that if a passing police officer stopped the car, they could get in big trouble. So they made the unlikely decision to pick up the phone and call the sheriff’s office.

Afraid to risk a drive across town, Flickinger said she called to explain the situation before she drove any further. “I told the dispatcher, I said now look, you make sure you have my name. If I get stopped you need to back me up here because I do not want to go to jail for this.”

True to her word, Flickinger delivered the massive weed jackpot to police, who commended her for turning it in. Captain Darrian Campbell said the outcome would have been much different if she had been pulled over with the big bag of weed riding shotgun in her car. He said that any officer would have had a hard time believing her story.

After unloading her find at the sheriff’s office, Flickinger returned home with a clear conscious. But a lot of people would question her decision to quickly turn in such a massive amount of marijuana. What would you have done… would you have called the cops and turned in the bag of weed or would you have thrown the most incredible summer party ever?

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