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Published on July 20th, 2015 | by News Feed

Hawaii Makes Historic Move to License Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Medical marijuana is a major topic of discussion these days and many states are starting to relax the laws concerning the plant. However 15 years ago Hawaii decided that they would allow medical marijuana. And yet the state never fully implemented the law and allowed dispensaries. That is all about to change. Gov. Ige has just signed the states dispensary bill and this will allow for 8 dispensaries to begin selling medical marijuana by November of 2016.

Over the past fifteen years those residents of Hawaii that wanted medical marijuana would have to grow it on their own or buy t from the black market. In all that number represents 13,000 residents that are using medical marijuana.

Thankfully the governor was willing to sign an additional bill of legislation that will prohibit discrimination against medical marijuana users. This bill will essentially keep local municipalities from crafting new legislation that would ban dispensary locations. It also helps ensure that the medical cannabis can be transported wherever it needs to be.

“I support the establishment of dispensaries to ensure that qualified patients can legally and safely access medical marijuana,” said Governor Ige, as reported in MauiNow.

“The bill sets a timeline,” Ige said in a statement. “We will make a good-faith effort to create a fair process that will help the people most in need.”

The ACLU has been one of the more outspoken groups that has advocated on the behalf of medical marijuana patients. The group has praised the governor as well as the medical cannabis coalition of Hawaii. Director Carl Berquist has called the legislation a diligent effort.

The state department of health will regulate much of the medical cannabis industry and will also oversee the location and licensing of dispensaries. The application process will begin at the beginning of next year.

Does this new legislation place any extra pressure on other states or the Federal government? Does this new legislation make a statement that the whole country will have to follow? So many states have started the process of legalizing medical marijuana and yet there are many others, like Hawaii, that have enacted rules but failed to follow through.

As the President continues to hammer the notion that the war on drugs is flawed, more and more people are starting to listen and pay attention. A majority of Americans are tired of this endless war and they are tired of the punitive damages that the litigation places on those in the system.

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