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Published on September 6th, 2015 | by News Feed

Hoosier State Citizens Continue To Be Target Of Drug Raids

Over the past 10 years more and more states have decided that marijuana should either be allowed all together or, they have decided that the medical community should use the plant for medicinal purposes. At this time nearly half the states in the Union have reformed their failed policies regarding marijuana and the criminalization of the plant. However Indiana continues to ignore the pleas of the citizens or the facts of the issue.

Indiana state leaders recently commenced on a new program called “Operation Smoke Out.” The purpose of this raid program was to target and remove all illegally planted marijuana on public lands, in cornfields, and in various areas of the state. The sting operation occurred in late August and was filled with several different government agencies such as the DEA, State Police, Forrest Service, Civil Air Patrol, and the Department of Natural Resources.

In a time when states like Colorado are seeing a 60 million dollar increase in tax revenue because of the legalization of marijuana, we are also seeing states like Indiana that are spending over 40 million dollars a year trying to stop the production of a naturally occurring plant.

State leaders were quick to tout the success of the sting operation. They claim to have seized over 5,000 plants, 4 pounds of processed marijuana, and they arrested 16 people associated with the bust. The officers and leaders were also quick to slap an arbitrary number on the amount of marijuana they seized. They claim that the marijuana had a “street value” of 7.5 million.

Most politicians are in love with spending somebody else’s money. This is better understood as tax revenue. This is the money that runs the state and makes programs possible. It is also the money used to serve pet projects and to buy votes in many cases. However in places like Indiana tax revenue is not important. If it were then they would not waste the money on fruitless issues and thankless tasks. Every single year the state spends in excess of 40 million to train officers and to fight the “war on drugs.” However the math is simple. 60 million coming in is far better than 40 million going out. Perhaps this is why our elected officials have such a hard time balancing a budget.

Some will argue that legalizing marijuana in any form will result in a spike of dangerous and heinous crimes. People will eat each other in the street and the family unit will crumble. The only problem here is that this is not the case. Violent crimes are not up in places like Colorado and the facts suggest that legalized marijuana doe not contribute to a higher crime rate.

At what point will the Hoosier State leaders wake up, shake the cobwebs, and rethink the states archaic marijuana legislation?

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