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Published on May 29th, 2015 | by News Feed

House Fire Leads To Marijuana Questions

California is one of the states in the union that have legalized the medical use of marijuana. California is also one of the states in the union that has the harshest drug laws. So you can only imagine just how demeaning and demoralizing the law enforcement can be in these areas. When a West Hills home went up in flames on Saturday, the police were soon called to the scene.

The fire took place in the 6500 block of Ellenview Avenue. The fire was reported around 9 pm. It was considered a suspicious fire as 2 men were found a few blocks away from the fire with burn injuries. The fire required the assistance of 80 firemen and it took nearly 90 minutes to contain and then extinguish. The men that were found with burn injuries are reportedly in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery.

However the real story began after the fire was extinguished. The fire department began searching the premises in the hope that they would find the cause of the fire. In their search they found marijuana and other drug paraphernalia items. Fire chief Houser had several statements.

“They got a search warrant to search the location and they did recover a small amount of evidence.” The scene was still active on Sunday morning as they continued searching for the cause of the fire.

“It’s not common, but we get several of them throughout the whole San Fernando Valley on a yearly basis now — several per year,” Houser said. “They’ve got chemicals and such that are dangerous.” Houser would not give a number for the total loss value, but he would say, “There’s charred remnants of the home.”

It is imperative to point out that a serious house fire can burn in excess of 2000 degrees. They are very hot. It is also important to note that the home was called a charred mess and a total loss. This would equate to a home that was reduced to ashes. The question then is how can drug paraphernalia live through a house fire and how can marijuana live through a house fire?

Were the items planted there? Is the fire department trying to pin a grow house on a natural residence? Is this an attempt by the “authorities” to undermine any type of legalization legislation? The truth will come out eventually.

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