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Published on August 31st, 2014 | by News Feed

Low Rates of Domestic Violence For Couples that Smoke Pot Together

What happens when a married couple makes it a habit to smoke pot together? Scientists from the University at Buffalo School of Public Health teamed up with Research Institutes on Addictions to learn more about how marijuana impacts marriage. For 9 years, they followed the progress of 600 couples to find out how weed would influence their unions. When the study was complete, they were surprised to see that couples that smoked more pot had significant reductions in domestic violence.

So why would smoking together be linked to reduced violence? Kenneth Leonard, lead investigator said that it is more about the comradery than about the actual marijuana. “It is possible, for example, that – similar to a drinking partnership – couples who use marijuana together may share similar values and social circles, and it is this similarity that is responsible for reducing the likelihood of conflict,” he explained.

To understand the changing dynamics of the couples, the researchers did follow-up interviews periodically. Each couple was contacted for a follow-up at their first, second, fourth, seventh, and ninth anniversary. During the interview, couples were questioned about any marijuana use over the past year as well as any experiences with domestic violence.

After studying the link between pot use and lower incidences of violence, researchers said that more conclusive evidence is needed, particularly on the timing of marijuana use and violent encounters. “Although this study supports the perspective that marijuana does not increase, and may decrease, aggressive conflict, we would like to see research replicating this finding, and research examining day-to-day marijuana and alcohol use and the likelihood to IPV on the same day before drawing stronger conclusions,” Leonard said.

This study definitely showed some promising results for couples that enjoy using marijuana together. However, the scientists insisted that smoking pot certainly was not the key to a happy or peaceful marriage. How do you think marriage is realistically impacted by marijuana use? Does smoking together just build a common bond or is there something deeper at work that reduces the likelihood of abuse?

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