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Published on February 2nd, 2015 | by News Feed

Marijuana Souvenirs Banned From Denver International Airport

Now that marijuana has been legalized in Colorado, flocks of tourists are coming to sample the state’s incredible selection of cannabis goods. But officials at the Denver International Airport are not happy with the new pot tourism movement and they are pushing back by banning all marijuana related souvenirs from airport shops. Spokesman Heath Montgomery said the airport wants to preserve a positive image of the state and avoid creating a false image that Colorado is only about weed. “We don’t want marijuana to be the first thing our visitors experience when they arrive,” Montgomery said.

Not everyone thinks the new ban is a good idea. Ann Jordan, owner of High-ly Legal Colorado, is even considering a lawsuit after her shop was impacted by the ban.  “Why is everybody so riled up about the picture of a plant?” Jordan said. Her shop capitalizes on marijuana tourism by selling fun souvenirs like socks, boxer shorts, and t-shirts featuring pot leaves and other pro-cannabis images. She said that airport officials “just haven’t come to grips that this is a whole new world and they need to adapt.”

While recreational pot is legal for adults over age 21 in Colorado, Denver International Airport prohibits possession and use of weed on the premises. Since the 2012 legalization measure was adopted, police have confiscated weed from 29 passengers at the airport, but they didn’t issue citations in any of those cases.

Each airport in Colorado is free to set policies regarding marijuana use and possessions. Other smaller airports sell pot related souvenirs in various concession shops, but Montgomery said Denver’s airport is trying to uphold a different image. With thousands of people flying into the state each week, he believes the barrage of pot souvenirs paints an inaccurate view of what the Rocky Mountain region is really about. “Frankly, there’s a lot more to Colorado than pot,” he explained.

Do you think airport shops should be allowed to sell t-shirts and other souvenirs supporting legalized marijuana? Are officials out of line to ban these products from the Denver airport?

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