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Published on January 14th, 2016 | by News Feed

Massachusetts Politicians “Research” Marijuana

Massachusetts is one the verge of wading into the pool of marijuana legalization. There are many questions that still remain to be answered but the overall view is that this topic will become much more heated and much more debated over the coming weeks and months. Because of that eight Massachusetts Senators have taken a field trip to Colorado to research the cannabis industry.

Sen. John F. Keenan asked, “If I were to buy this, what would I do with it? Do I crush it? Roll it? Do I —” His voice trailed off as if to imply that he had no idea what would be the proper way to use the marijuana. Sen. Michael O. Moore looked through several jars of buds and then asked, “Is this medicine”?

Keenan is a Democrat from Quincy and he has stated over and over again that he opposes the legalization of marijuana. It would appear that this seems to be the growing thoughts of many Democrats, the same Democrats that have been praised for forward thinking.

The field trip that the Senators took placed them inside the RiverRock Cannabis facility. This is not only a grow house but also a dispensary. The senators are hoping that they can glean the information they need to make a better judgment. Colorado has given adults the freedom to purchase marijuana for more than two years.

“What we’ve learned is that while the implementation of legalized marijuana in Colorado has gone reasonably well, there are many, many different issues that come up and need to be addressed — some of which you can anticipate, and some of which” you can’t, said Jason M. Lewis, a Winchester Democrat, the leader of the trip, and the chairman of the special Senate committee on marijuana. “This trip will certainly help us reduce the number of unknowns.”

The Senators were also given the chance to learn from the top medical agent in Colorado who stated that the state has not found any dangerous public health trends that could be associated with marijuana. Obviously there are cases of people overindulging and becoming sick and there are cases of DUI associated with marijuana, but these are not unforeseen issues.

However predictable it might be, the local police chief urged the members to “slow down” the process. The state’s top executive, Gov. Charlie Baker, is a staunch opponent to legalization. He mentioned that there have been ER visits and even auto accidents. “And it’s a lot more about the edible stuff, which is sort of the corporatization of legalized marijuana,” Baker said on WGBH-FM.

Co-host Margery Eagan tried to assuage the governor’s fear by mentioning that she too had indulged in an edible called a “rookie cookie” while in Colorado. “A Rookie Cookie!” he exclaimed. “Now is that directed at someone who is 21 or is that directed at someone who is, like, 12? We are heading right down the Joe Camel path on this. We really are.”

And here we have the common argument that politicians use. It is all about the children. How can we do anything if it could potentially harm the children? The Governor flaunts the car accidents and the ER visits. He slams the name of an edible marijuana product and claims that it targets kids.

This is how they are coming after vapor devices as well. At the end of the day the politicians are trying to come up with a built in excuse for why they can’t allow actual freedom and liberty in the land that claims to honor both.

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