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Published on March 5th, 2015 | by News Feed

Meet the New Hoodie That Lets You Wear Your Vape

Have you ever thought it would be really cool if you could vape from your clothes? Well the likely answer is no, but thankfully there are some forward thinking people that have totally flipped the script on the vaporizer world. There are actually two companies that have tried to cash in on the marijuana legalization that is sweeping the country but there are some major distinctions between the two. Hood Horkerz and vapRwear are the two businesses that have started making sweatshirt hoodies that double as pot smoking devices. However the two companies are currently locked in a nasty dispute over who started it first.

There are two main differences between the two different hoodie designs and they deal with the overall makeup of the hoodie. Both hoodies use the drawstring as the device that can be used to smoke or vape however the Horkerz design has an actual glass bowl at the end that requires an actual flame. The vapRwear design has gone the vaporizer route. Both use the drawstring and both can be used to smoke marijuana but one utilizes the vaporizer. These companies are currently duking it out over who started what but there is really no denying who started the craze.

The owner of Horkerz, Sean Oiver, stated that he dreamt up the idea of the hoodie in 2011. However he opted for the more profit friendly bowl because it was cheaper and easier to produce. However the owner of vapRwear, Elvis Andrews, has said that he saw the design and simply made it better. He does not claim to have made it first but that he simply perfected the original. “I invented the [vape sweatshirt] on 4/20 in Denver last year. I saw Sean and his partner, I knew their hoodies, and I knew how to make them better.”

Overall both companies have created a very unique product that can appeal to a plethora of individuals. Each has its merits and it basically boils down to what you like. As we all know preference is the name of the game. Some will prefer the more traditional glass bowl design and others are going to opt for the more current and hip vaporizer. Neither is wrong. However the vaporizer model does offer a bit more fashion and functionality. Ultimately, it would appear that the fighting between these two companies is nothing more than a buzz kill.

Is this design something that you would consider wearing? Have you ever thought about making a bowl or a vaporizer out of your clothing before?

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