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Published on October 13th, 2014 | by News Feed

Melissa Etheridge Launches New Marijuana Infused Wine

Melissa Etheridge has a legendary sound that took her to the top of the music charts in the 1990’s. Today, she remains one of the most respected figures in the music world, but her lyrical and musical talents are not the only things she is famous for. Etheridge has also garnered attention for her personal struggle against breast cancer. During her grueling fight, she discovered the incredible benefits of medical marijuana and now she is an advocate for other cancer patients to receive the same cannabis treatments to deal with the horrible side effects of chemotherapy.

During a recent interview with Bloomberg’s Pimm Fox, Etheridge opened up about how marijuana had been such an important part of her successful fight against breast cancer. She also announced that she will soon be launching a brand new marijuana infused wine to make cannabis a little more tasteful for some nervous cancer patients. “I believe this is a huge opportunity,” she said. “A huge business and a huge market. You’re going to see my name with a lot of these things. I actually have a wine that’s coming out. It’s a cannabis-infused win, which actually tastes amazing.”

She told Fox that marijuana really made a difference in helping her cope with the negative impact of her cancer treatments. This led her to create the cannabis infused wine that she will soon launch in all states where medical marijuana is legal. “I really look forward to bringing this to the world in a not scary way,” Etheridge explained. “Not a drug outlaw way. It’s not that anymore. This is an American business that really needs a lot of help.”

Aside from her work as an advocate for medical marijuana, Etheridge is also busy making music again. Her recently released album titled “This is M.E.” has given her many opportunities to speak out about cannabis and spread the word on how beneficial this treatment could be for cancer patients. During a recent concert in New York, she told the audience that bringing medical marijuana to New York should be a top priority. “As a cancer survivor, I know the ravages of serious illness, and patients who are suffering deserve access to a medication that can provide them relief,” she said from the stage. “Tonight, I stand with those patients, with their caregivers, and with the vast majority of New Yorkers who support medical marijuana.”

Etheridge is a courageous woman that has fought her way through many personal trials and now she is sharing her story to raise awareness for such an important issue. Will you try her new cannabis infused wine if becomes available in your state?

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