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Published on September 10th, 2014 | by News Feed

Minnesota Mom Faces Possible Prison Time For Treating Son With Cannabis

A mother will do anything to find relief when her child is suffering. That is why Angela Brown turned to a cannabis tincture in a last ditch effort to save her son’s life after he suffered a traumatic brain injury on the baseball field. When 15-year-old Trey was injured, his life was irrevocably changed. He began having violent seizures, muscle spasms, and excruciating pain. Doctors tried multiple drugs, but nothing was giving him any relief and Trey had turned suicidal. Brown was desperate to save her son’s life so the family flew to Colorado to purchase a specialized cannabis tincture that is non-intoxicating and proven to help relieve symptoms of traumatic brain injuries.

Brown said that the family had run out of options and feared for Trey’s life as he tried to harm himself anytime he was left alone. “He had started hitting his face, either with his own hands, or he would hit his face on the side of the tub or the wall,” she explained. “He started biting himself really hard on his hands and arms… and sharper objects he would start to stab at himself or cut himself,” she recalled.

As she stood by watching her child fade away, Brown knew she had to do something. “My son was suffering – he didn’t want to live. So I would hold him and I would beg him, ‘I want you to live, I love you – mommy will find an answer.” Her research led her to a Colorado dispensary where the operator had also suffered a similar brain injury and used this particular tincture to recover.

After returning home with the cannabis oil, Brown was amazed at how quickly Trey experienced relief. Within half an hour of taking a dose, his pain would begin to melt away. “It took away 75 percent of Trey’s problems,” Brown said. He showed so much improvement that he was soon able to return to school and the administrator and staff were shocked at his progress. During a routine conference, they asked Brown what had finally worked to give Trey relief from his pain. She never hesitated before revealing that they were using a tincture derived from cannabis. But later, she learned that she had made a tragic mistake.

One week later, the police and a group of social workers descended on the Brown family and everything changed. They interrogated Trey to find out how much pot he was smoking and how high his mom was forcing him to get each day. Trey was dumbfounded and told them he didn’t smoke anything and he never got high. This tincture was just his medication and it was helping him to feel better each day. While the social workers decided to drop the case, the police were not deterred. They pressed charges against Brown and confiscated the precious oil that had transformed Trey into a functional teenager again.

Without his medication, Trey declined quickly and as doctors struggled to treat his sudden onset of new, dramatic symptoms, he suffered a serotonin overload that damaged his brain further. Now those injuries will probably never go away and Trey will likely never recover. “I just feel like I don’t have much hope of ever getting my son back,” Brown said.

The family would love nothing more than to take Trey to Colorado where he can freely take the tincture again, but they cannot leave the state until after his mom faces a judge. She will be charged with possession of an illegal substance and child endangerment. Brown could face two years in prison if convicted, but she says that she does not regret giving that life-saving tincture to her child. In fact, she would do it all over again if she had the chance.

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