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Published on March 26th, 2015 | by News Feed

Nevada Senator Pushing for Access to Cannabis for Sick Pets

When you have a pet, it can quickly become a part of the family. That’s why Democratic Senator Tick Segerblom is pushing for a new bill that would give sick pets legal access to marijuana treatments. The senator said that under the new law’s requirements, pet owners would have to seek a veterinary certification that their pet has an illness that can be treated by medical marijuana. Then they could legally buy the drugs to administer to their animals as needed.

Segerblom said that no one knows for sure whether cannabis could really be helpful to sick animals, but it’s obviously doing wonders for sick humans. He said the option should be available because “you don’t know until you try”.

Veterinarians have mixed feelings about the potential use of cannabis for animals, but Doug Kramer, a vet from Los Angeles, said he actually tried it when his Siberian Husky was dying. Kramer explained that his dog had undergone surgery to remove tumors and was terminally ill. He gave his pet cannabis to ease the pain and saw visible changes for a while. The dog gained some weight and ultimately lived six weeks longer than expected.

Kramer said that he thinks cannabis is definitely worth a shot. He chose to try it with his own pet because he was tired of feeling helpless. “I grew tired of euthanizing pets when I wasn’t doing everything I could to make their lives better,” Kramer said. “I felt like I was letting them down.”

Segerblom’s new provision for pets is part of a larger bill to overhaul marijuana laws in Nevada. The bill would also eliminate penalties for drivers that test positive for marijuana. If accepted, the law will require marijuana stores to go through specialized training to insure safety.

Do you think animals should have legal access to medical marijuana? Would you give cannabis to your pet?

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