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Published on December 18th, 2014 | by News Feed

New Cannabis Chewing Gum Takes Aim at Medical Marijuana Patients

So far, the United States government remains unmoved on legalization, but that isn’t keeping Big Pharma from taking interest in the growing pot industry. Axim Biotechnologies based out of New York and the Netherlands just announced the development of a brand new cannabis chewing gum. They hope to get FDA approval for the product within the next few years.

Axim is already producing the weed gum cleverly named “MedChew” and they are currently doing clinical trials with patients suffering from Crohn’s Disease, Irritable Bowel Disease, and Multiple Sclerosis. The drug company says their product is revolutionary because it is time released and directly releases the cannabinoids in the gastrointestinal tract over a thirty-minute period. It operates under the same premise as a nicotine gum.

To insure its success in the medical marijuana marketplace, Axim has purchased over an acre of land in the Netherlands to grow marijuana for use in the manufacturing process. CEO Lekhram Changoer said they are doing everything possible to make sure the products are top quality. “We get the raw materials from Berocan (a marijuana facility regulated by the Dutch Ministry of Health) as they have a GMP agricultural facility so the quality is highly qualified to make pharma products,” he explained.

Axim hopes to release MedChew by 2017, which is around the same time that competitor GW Pharmaceuticals plans to release several other weed products in the United States. It seems that we have a new entity emerging under Big Pharma and it is set to rival even the powerful players like Big Tobacco. That’s right – Big Marijuana has officially been born and it looks like it will emerge on the scene within the next few years.

As many states debate legalizing recreational marijuana, there is a strong movement to decriminalize pot and make it more easily available for medical use. It’s the perfect time for Big Pharma to make a move and capitalize on the weed trend while it is still getting started.

Do you think the federal government will ever approve weed gum? What will it take for lawmakers to finally embrace marijuana once and for all?

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