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Published on July 25th, 2015 | by News Feed

New Study Reveals That Bone Fractures Heal Faster When Treated With CBD

Medical marijuana advocates insist that cannabis has many healing effects that can improve both mental and physical health. But now new research is giving us a better look at just how beneficial cannabis could be. A new study published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Health shows another way that marijuana can assist in healing. Scientists found that CBD helps bone fractures heal faster.

Researchers used rats with broken femurs for the latest round of research. They tried dosing the injured rats with CBD and found that it effectively helped to speed up healing. They also found that when removing the THC, rats still received the same healing benefits from CBD. This means that patients with bone injuries could potentially be treated with cannabis with no THC, removing the chances of “getting high” during the treatment protocol.

Of course, the THC didn’t harm the rats either. In fact, many researchers believe THC has its own benefits for healing emotional and physical injuries. Much like caffeine, alcohol, or opiate prescriptions, THC impacts mood and can be medically beneficial in many situations. Unfortunately, our society has created a stigma around marijuana that paints it in a bad light. In many other parts of the world, it is widely acceptable to smoke marijuana for routine relaxation or medical benefits.

Cannabis has been a topic of major interest for bone research in recent years. Another study found that CBD could effective treat Graft-Versus-Host disease in patients after a bone marrow transplant. This could be a ground breaking new way to use cannabis to save thousands of lives each year.

Ultimately, medical marijuana is a promising addition to our society and as more states realize the potential benefits, legalization becomes more widespread. For now, researchers continue to learn more about the ways CBD can benefit sick patients.

Are you surprised to hear that marijuana helped heal bone fractures? Do you think medical marijuana should be legal nationwide?

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