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Published on June 25th, 2015 | by News Feed

New York Governor Cuomo Passes Emergency Medical Marijuana Bill

Twenty-three states plus the District of Columbia have all passed some variation of a marijuana bill. Some of these states have legalized the recreational use of marijuana and others have simply walked the medical marijuana pathway. Regardless of what they are calling it, nearly half the states in the Union have adopted some kind of legalization of marijuana. While the federal government continues to drag its feet and balk at the idea, many of the states are doing what they should have done years ago. They are standing up for their right to pass laws.

Add New York to the list of marijuana friendly states. An emergency bill has just been passed by the state legislature and it has been handed over to the governor. The state is already in the midst of planning for the legalization of medical marijuana in 2016. However until that law passes the legislator is trying to do whatever it can to help those that are in need of the benefits of marijuana.

Surprisingly, the Republican led senate voted 50-12 in favor of the bill. The bill will grant immediate access to medical marijuana for the many patients throughout the state that are in need. The bill is now headed to the desk of Gov. Cuomo.

“Our top priority has always been to deliver relief to those in pain,” said Rich Azzopardi, a spokesman for the Cuomo Administration. “We will review the legislation in the context of implementing the Compassionate Care Act and complying with existing federal statutes.”

While these words might seem great on the surface, the truth could be a little different. Americans understand that the federal law prohibits the use of marijuana. Americans are also in the know when it comes to the governor of New York. Cuomo has been called the lead obstacle in this fight and many, within his own party, have stated that he is the main barrier they face in passing marijuana legislation. Diane Savino, the sponsor of the original bill said, “he is not interested in medical marijuana,” and that he had a disdain for the product.

However it is important to remember that the governor did eventually allow the bill to become law, only after ripping it apart and making it very restrictive.

“We need to stay the course we have set,” said Savino. “We are on the right road. We will have full access for all patients, not just cherry-picking the suffering of some — even if they’re sympathetic.”

If you are a native New Yorker and are planning on capitalizing on this new bill, we would love to hear your thoughts. Has the governor stood up for you and your illness or has he stomped on your rights?

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