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Published on February 6th, 2016 | by News Feed

Nuns Sent by God to Save California’s Medical Marijuana

In Sacramento, California Governor Jerry Brown is attempting to manipulate the laws by exerting the power of the bureaucracy to regulate the sunshine state’s medical marijuana industry. As of October 2015, cities must comply with California’s Medical Marijuana Regulations and Safety Act. Under this law all medical marijuana cultivators would have to adhere to stringent guideline written by state lawmakers. The mandates in the law do not favor small time growers and dispensaries. Much like small businesses in every industry, their relatively small revenue streams make it nearly impossible to comply.

In response to the heavy-handed directives in this bill, a group of nuns have come out in fierce protest. The “Sisters of the Valley” have started a petition to at least stop the law from affecting them and their ability to grow cannabis to share with others who need it for medicinal purposes.

Sister Christine Meeusen, simply known as Kate, has been extremely vocal on this matter. While advocating for the Sisters of the Valley, Kate did an interview with Vice in which she was quoted as saying, “Our culture of sisterhood isn’t just about the cannabis plant. Spirituality is about following ancient wisdom, planting by moon cycles, and harvesting by moon cycles, and participating in what is nourishing to the soul.”

The nuns of the Sisters of the Valley, claim that the healing provided by the use of the cannabis plant is spiritual and should not be grouped in with illicit drug use. They state that they are a spiritual people, not religious, and cannabis is part of a spiritual methodology and not worship. In the interview with Vice Kate went on to say, “The stoner culture is kind of offensive to those of us who have held a pipe up to a shaking Parkinson’s patient, and seen how [with] one hit out of the pipe, his shakes can go away, and he can actually get up and make tea and act like a normal person.”

It is important to point out that the Sisters of the Valley do not claim an official affiliation with any religious organization. However, the sisters do rather espouse ‘wholesome living’. Kate told ABC News in an interview, “We spend no time on bended knee, but when we make our medicine, it’s a prayerful environment. It’s a prayerful time.”

Is this a religion you could get behind?

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