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Published on February 22nd, 2016 | by News Feed

Organic Certifications Coming Soon for Pot Growers in Colorado

The Lawmakers in Denver are debating the possibility of directing the State of Colorado to begin manufacturing organic content certification labels for marijuana growers. The debate over this issue begins February 19, 2016 to implement a mandate requiring disclosures to detail the contents in pot being sold to the public. Since organic standards are overseen by the federal government, there is no guides by which to regulate the contents of “legally” grown marijuana and the State of Colorado seeks to rectify that.

Colorado Representative, Johnathan Singer has said on record leading up to the debate over this issue, “Consumers have a right to know what they’re putting into their bodies.” It is important to point out that the proposed bill only lays the foundation for making the labels. There is no discussion of mandating whether it will be a requirement for growers to go through a certification process. Early in 2016, Colorado Marijuana Enforcement agents confiscated thousands of plants from cannabis growers that were suspected of using chemicals that were not sanctioned by the State of Colorado.

After further investigation, the agency overseeing the regulation of pot released the plants to their rightful owners. On the issue of organic labels as it concerns legal marijuana, the head of Cannabis Consumers Coalition had this to say, “This misleads people, we don’t want to wait for someone to get sick. You need to know when something says organic, that it is organic.”

The talk by the federal government, regarding states like Colorado, has not so much as mentioned the use of accurate labeling of this product. A letter from the Department of Justice addressed to states that legalized recreational marijuana has urged these states to implement heavy-handed regulations concerning marijuana.

The proper labeling of the homegrown pot is widely accepted as a needed aspect of the marijuana industry, among the reputable cannabis growers in the Rocky Mountain State. The CEO of Mindful, a pot growing company was quoted as saying, “It’s something that we need (organic labeling). Because of the federal legality, to have a state standard would be incredibly helpful.”

Many producers of this controversial plant are bent out of shape that if passed, this bill would mandate that the industry pays for a regulatory body to inspect the plants for organic quality. The CEO of Sweet Grass Kitchen, Julie Berliner says concerning this issue, “I would be proud to advertise that our cannabis is organic, but my concern lies with the cost of this certification.”

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