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Published on September 4th, 2014 | by News Feed

Patients Report Drastic Pain Relief After Vaping Marijuana

Research makes it clear that medical marijuana is highly successful treating a wide variety of disorders. From childhood seizure disorders to lethal brain cancer, evidence is stacking up that cannabis is one of the most natural treatment options that today’s patients can use. Now a new study out of Israel has concluded that medical marijuana can be most effective for pain management when used in conjunction with vaporizers.

Israeli scientists decided to test the theory that vaping the entire marijuana plant could provide the most substantial pain relief. After conducting trials with multiple patients using whole-plant cannabis, they concluded that this method delivered significant pain relief, particularly for those struggling with debilitating nerve pain. During the trials, patients with chronic pain vaped whole plan cannabis and reported relief within only minutes. Researchers said the results were convincing enough to prove that this form of therapy could perhaps replace today’s prescription painkillers or at least offer an alternative.

Patients reported a 45 percent reduction in the intensity of pain within 20 minutes of vaping. The only side effect was mild lightheadedness, which lasted 15-30 minutes and did not require any form of intervention from medical professionals. Another promising conclusion was that it only took a small amount of marijuana for patients to get quick relief. In fact, the patients were only vaping a small dose of cannabis at once rather than getting stoned. In fact, the small amount of marijuana inhaled was so slight that it would not prohibit a person from going about everyday responsibilities.

Previous studies also showed that whole-plant cannabis was an effective choice for treating neuropathic pain. Researchers felt confident that the Israeli trial gave enough conclusive evidence that the Syqe inhaler vaporizing device could potentially achieve pharmaceutical standards to be used as a prescription pain relief drug.

Unfortunately, the United States is not ready to consider vaporizers as an option just yet. So far, the US government has successful blocked much of the research related to cannabis preparations. Most of the current American studies look only at the therapeutic potential of various individual chemicals found in marijuana rather than studying the plant as a whole. Despite the bureaucratic obstacles, reports suggest that 86 percent of American citizens support access to medical marijuana.

Perhaps this recent Israeli study will be a turning point for America. Now that scientific evidence is clear that vaping whole-plant cannabis yields many benefits for pain relief without jeopardizing a person’s ability to function, it could open doors for American researchers to look closely at this option.

Do you support access to medical cannabis? Should vaporizers be legally authorized for this use?

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