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Published on January 31st, 2016 | by News Feed

Police Just Say No to Weed Vaping During X Games

An X Games promoter was told “No” at his request to hold a cannabis vaporizing party at Turks music club in Snowmass Village, Colorado. Turks owner Tim Lucca was asked by an X Games promoter to use the patio at his club to host a marijuana vaping party. Turks is located in the Snowmass Mall complex in what was previously the Mountain Dragon.

Lucca inquired of Snowmass Village chief of police Brian Olson, and Olson told him it was prohibited, according to the officials at the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement. For this type of event the venue would have to be private. Theoretically, temporary memberships could be issued to the public for the event. Chief Olson stated, “There’s no way to make the scenario non-public…And you can’t smoke marijuana in public. You can’t create a private scenario in there and that’s what they were trying to do with the one-day membership.”

Since the legalization of marijuana in 2014, Snowmass Village police receives multiple request from patrons concerning public consumption of cannabis. Olson addressed this matter saying, “I don’t see this [public consumption of cannabis] coming into a public place until the state creates a licensing function that allows for a café ordinance.”

As it was in the 1920’s with alcohol, “This is where marijuana is going to go, and the laws are going to catch up”, said Chief Olson. The 2016 election cycle could yield various ballot proposal in Colorado concerning the further easing of cannabis laws. The voters in Colorado in November might find themselves voting on Marijuana laws that advocate more social acceptability of “weed”.

Lucca is of the understanding that the public of Colorado is moving towards public acceptance of marijuana. An anonymous source, believed to be a politician or possibly a lobbyist told him, “What was going on in Denver.” He added, “, “I hope they can sort this all out. There’s some wonderful things going on with medical marijuana, especially how it’s being used for healing.”

There has been a halt to the “legal” sale of marijuana in the city of Snowmass Village until 2017. The official reason given for this moratorium is to hold out in hopes of a change in local government, and even more unlikely, a change in federal government. Chief Olson said the community was holing out changing public marijuana policy until Snowmass Village had a, “good target date to reevaluate the decision”.

At this moment, smoking in public is prohibited by local law, even at Fanny Hill amphitheater, an outside venue with a capacity of 4,000 people. It appears as though Snowmass Village will have to rethink the public smoking laws to accommodate “weed” smoke.

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