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Published on February 19th, 2015 | by News Feed

Police Stalk Legal Medical Marijuana In Detroit

Seeing police officers in plain clothing is nothing new for many residents of Detroit. In a city that has long been defined by criminal activity, this is just a way of life. However for Timothy and Hatema Davis the plain-clothes officers have a new meaning for them. The Davis’ are one of the many residents of Michigan that have legally obtained the right to use medical marijuana. While the state claims that these users have the legal right to the product, some of the narcotics officers in Detroit think otherwise.

According to paperwork filed this week in Detroit by attorney Michael R. Dezi, “this particular segment of the police department has been terrorizing the community and terrorizing business owners.” And exactly what segment of the department is this? The narcotics division of the Detroit police department is known for being rough and tumble. They are also known for using excessive force. In this particular case they not only used force but they did so in a very illegal way.

According to the testimony of the victims in this case, these officers wear wearing plain clothes, masks, and they were heavily armed with assault rifles. They approached the home from the front, kicked in the door, and then demanded complete and total cooperation. The only issue here is that these officers did not have a warrant nor were the Davis’ doing anything illegal. While nothing nefarious was being done on the Davis family’ part, the police officers did confiscate the 50 marijuana plants that the couple had. Medical marijuana is legal in the state of Michigan.

Attorney Michael Dezi is representing the Davis family and is hoping for a quick resolution to this case. The city police chief has since closed the narcotics division of the Detroit Police Department. However a new division has been opened and they are now assuming the same responsibilities as the previous unit. This does raise the question of how long the department knew of what was going on and to what extent the police officers will be punished. Under normal circumstances a violation of the constitutional rights of a citizen would result in the termination of a job.

Clear details on the names and history of the officers have not been released at this time. In a time when so many law enforcement officials are falling under the watchful eye of the public this is yet another black eye. After a year in which many citizens have questioned the force used by police officers and the ethical treatment that they supposedly use, many will be pointing to this story as yet another example of police attempting to be above the law.

Is it possible that this was a case of mistaken identity? According to the family attorney this is a situation that has been occurring for some time in the city as well as across Michigan. Fear of repercussions and retaliation has kept many people from reporting the issues in the past but the Davis’ have broken that cycle. Do you think the Davis’ have a strong case against the city? How would you respond to an unlawful entry into your home by armed police officers?

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