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Published on February 12th, 2015 | by News Feed

Police Taser a Man After His Suicidal Rant Because His Pig Ate All the Weed

This week, one of the craziest weed stories ever appeared in “The Smoking Gun”.  A 44-year old man from Ohio was tasered by police after he went into a full fledged meltdown. Chad Spohn was drunk and extremely upset, threatening to harm himself in a series of disturbing 911 calls. When officers arrived at the scene, they learned that Spohn was upset because his pet pig, Millie, had eaten his entire stash of marijuana.

Spohn’s wife, Heather, said, “Chad gets upset when he does not have marijuana.” She wasn’t kidding… the man had drank an entire bottle of Everclear, 190-proof alcohol and he was in a drunken rage. Officers tried repeatedly to calm him down, but ultimately they had to use the taser to get him under control long enough to place him under arrest. Spohn was arrested on two misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

The good news is that Millie lived to see another day and seemed unfazed by her recent meal of weed. But the incident has left Spohn feeling a little unsure about Millie and he has now decided to place the pig up for adoption. According to posts on his Facebook page, the pig is free to a good home. He posted, “Anyone want a pig? She is free and comes with food and cage. She is house broken as long as you show her where to go. If you have a dog, she will follow it. I just don’t have time for her anymore.”

We wish Millie luck in her search for a new home. Hopefully Spohn can find another pet that isn’t as quick to get into his stash. In the mean time, this is a good reminder to all the weed lovers of the world to keep your stash out of reach of pets. Millie survived the ordeal, but things could have turned out much differently for the cute little pig. For now, this story will provide us with “Wakin’ and Bacon” jokes for months. Feel free to chime in with your own best “High as a Hog” quips in the comments.

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