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Published on October 30th, 2014 | by News Feed

Prison Guard Busted for Bringing Pot to Prisoners by Hiding It in Sandwiches

Inmates at the Cook County Jail were missing life on the streets and they wanted to find a way to smuggle in some contraband. When attempts to smuggle in weed with visitors failed, they turned to corrections officer Jason Marek for help. The convinced him to bring in a few ounces of weed in exchange for a big wad of cash and he took the bait. The officer smuggled in the drugs in a hollowed out sandwich and everyone was happy until their undercover operation was busted.

Officer Marek managed to sneak in contraband through Chicago’s famous “Jim Shoe” sub sandwiches. When someone tipped off authorities, they discovered his two big sandwiches were stuffed with gyro meat, roast beef, and a few ounces of weed to share with the inmates. In exchange for moving the drugs, inmates paid five times more than street value, giving the officer $200 for his trouble in packing his lunch full of contraband.

Attorneys report that Marek and six others cooked up the plan with help from a police dispatcher. No one knows exactly how the authorities figured out what was going on, but now the corrections officer is in hot water. After a year long investigation, the feds issued a warrant for his arrest on Tuesday. If convicted, he could be joining his buyers behind bars for five years.

While everyone knows that drug smuggling happens in American prisons, we rarely get such a close look at how it happens. In Marek’s case, the prisoners and their girlfriends worked together to convince him to participate. The easiest way he could find to get the marijuana through security was just to pack it in his lunch and the plan seemed fool proof in the beginning. But ultimately, the illegal operation was discovered and now the corrections officers could be spending some time on the other side of the prison bars.

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