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Published on December 21st, 2015 | by News Feed

Regulations for Marijuana Growers Leave Customers Feeling The Burn

New regulation in Oregon may soon have Marijuana users feeling the burn. In fact, reports that Pot is positioned, as of June 1st, 2016, to hold the distinction of becoming the most highly regulated agricultural product in the Beaver State.

This radical shift in policy comes on the heels of an investigation highlighted in The Oregonian/Oregon Live last June that discovered the presence 14 pesticides in a set of randomized test samples. Six of the pesticides found in the samples have been demonstrated to have carcinogenic properties and may put customers at risk, igniting a host of new regulatory requirements for local growers.

In response to the potential health crisis, the Oregon Health Authority has mandated that growers test their products for 59 specific pesticides. Additionally, the required testing will track solvents, microbiological contaminants, and water concentrations in the marijuana. All samples exceeding the strict OHA guidelines will be removed from the supply and must be eradicated.

These new regulations will result in a dramatic increase in overhead by local growers as they invest in the expensive equipment required for the testing. Each grower will also realize a sharp increase in staffing costs as they divert critical staffing to meet the time intensive process of executing the required testing of the product samples. As competition amongst growers heats up in Oregon and corporations begin entering the market, there is a growing concern that the increased regulation and the associated costs of the new oversight will push small pot growers of out business, leaving the giants to fight it out.

The Pot business in Oregon is swift and is likely to remain steady even as the increased cost of product is undoubtedly passed along to the customers in the form of a higher product price. Customers can expect to see these changes put a considerable dent in their pocketbook. Some estimate the increased cost to nearly double the price of cannabis in the state. Additionally, as growers scramble to meet the new requirements it is possible to experience reduced stock and product shortages.

As Oregon struggles to set the bar for the sales of legalized Marijuana, customers can expect to feel the burn of the new public oversight. Indeed, the entire nation is anxiously watching the medical and retail Marijuana industry unfold in the state and users are likely to endure some bumps along the way. In exchange, Oregon Pot users can expect to find a safer product on the market.

Do you think Oregon’s lawmakers are taking the right approach to insure safety?

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