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Published on May 15th, 2015 | by News Feed

In A Shocking Twist, Pot Moves Forward In Texas

Political climates change. Just as the weather in Texas can change in an instant, so too can the political winds shift. Such is the case in the Republican led congress of Texas. This week saw an historic turn as 3 separate Republican congressmen and women introduced 3 separate bills.

Rep. Stephanie Klick has brought forward a bill that would essentially open the door for medical marijuana in the state of Texas. Texas is among 22 states in the Union that does not allow for recreational marijuana or medical marijuana. Texas has a very strict prohibition on marijuana.

However the legalization of marijuana in places like Washington and Colorado has drastically affected the way the public sees these items. While there will always be a group of people that hate the idea of marijuana and anything to do with marijuana, the vast majority of the population is quickly becoming tolerant and accepting of marijuana as a recreational and medical product.

However the political cost of a bill like this, for a Republican in Texas, could be a potential nightmare. “That thought did occur to me,” she said. “But we owe it to these families that have a loved one with intractable epilepsy to give them some new hope.”

“We’ve never seen a week like in Texas before,” said Phillip Martin, deputy director of the left-leaning Progress Texas, which is pushing marijuana reforms. “This is unprecedented progress.”

This week saw three bills put forward. The first would make the selling of or the buying of marijuana legal. That bill will not move forward. The second bill would change the law to where a ticket would be given for marijuana possession and not an arrest. Klick’s bill is the only one of the three that has a serious chance to live and move forward.

While many states are making sweeping laws about the use of marijuana, Texas has remained quiet in this area. The state legislature took a hard right turn last cycle after numerous Republicans were elected. The state Republican Party does not endorse the use of marijuana recreationally or medicinally.

“There was a certainly a time, and it was pretty recently, that supporting any type of this legislation would have been a political liability,” Republican political consultant Matt Mackowiak said. “That day is changing.”

Are you a citizen of Texas? What are your thoughts on this current legislation? What is the overall climate in Texas concerning marijuana?

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