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Published on December 8th, 2014 | by News Feed

Which States Will Be Next to Legalize Marijuana?

Marijuana has been illegal in the United States for decades, but that is now starting to change. So far, the transformation has been moving slowly as just a few solitary states have been brave enough to legalize cannabis: Washington, Colorado, Oregon, and Alaska. But now that we are picking up some momentum, it might not be long before weed is legal in your state too. The big question is which states will be next to legalize? Here are a few of the most likely possibilities.

California – Cali was the first state to pioneer a medical marijuana program and many have speculated that it will move to legalize recreational weed in 2016 thanks to a new Marijuana Policy Project.

Maine – There are thousands of staunch supporters of legalization in Maine and they have made major strides towards decriminalization over the past few years. It’s possible that they will push hard enough to reach full legalization during the next election.

Michigan – Just like in Maine, Michigan activists have been very successful in measures to decriminalize marijuana. If they keep going at the current speed, recreational weed could soon be accepted making it the first Midwest state to offer legal pot.

Florida – The sunshine state already has a lot of support for legalization and Amendment 2 just barely missed passing in this year’s election. As activists continue their campaigns, it looks promising that the next election will have far better results.

Massachusetts – In Massachusetts, those who hope to legalize pot are already drafting up an initiative to roll out if lawmakers do not attempt legalization in 2016. If they rally enough support over the next two years, it’s possible they could really be successful.

New Mexico – Residents of New Mexico are well aware of the real possibility that pot could be legal for recreational use in the near future. There is staunch support for decriminalization and state lawmakers are already looking at the possibilities of tax issues and a regulated pot market for 2015.

New York – New York is definitely the wildcard in this list. While it has been traditionally viewed as a nanny state with some really strange and restrictive laws, the atmosphere seems to be changing at least in regards to pot. Governor Cuomo recently signed the Compassionate Care Act and NYC just decriminalized marijuana offenses under 25 grams. While it seems like the “Big Apple” is still a far stretch from legalization, it’s definitely a possibility.

Which state do you expect to legalize pot next?

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