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Published on September 28th, 2014 | by News Feed

Stewart Won’t Be Indicted After Marijuana Revelations in NASCAR Death

August 9, 2014 marked a historic tragedy for NASCAR as young driver Kevin Ward Jr. was struck by Tony Stewart’s car and killed. The death has sparked a lot of controversy and conflicting reports, but this week a grand jury voted not to indict Stewart after hearing revelations that Ward had been under the influence of marijuana at the time of his death.

The tragedy started when Stewart bumped Ward’s car, sending him colliding into the wall. The caution flag was waved and Ward jumped out of his car, waiting on Stewart’s car to come back around. He headed towards the track with hands in the air to confront his competitor, but never dreamed that it would be the last few seconds of his life. Stewart’s car swerved slightly and the rear right real hit Ward and sent him flying through the air. He died when he hit the ground from blunt force trauma.

During a hearing, attorney R. Michael Tantillo revealed that Ward had been impaired at the time of his death, claiming he had used marijuana before the race. Blame quickly fell to the weed, leaving Stewart free from indictment and back to his NASCAR career as Ward’s family grieved the loss of their son. But is it reasonable to think that marijuana could be responsible for this tragedy?

After all, this was a big race of Ward. Many of his friends and family were present as the race was held close to his home turf. Why would he have smoked weed for the first time before the event when so much was at stake? If he did light up, it couldn’t have been his first time. There has also been no clarity on how long before the race Ward used marijuana or where he could have toked up when he was busy with NASCAR preparations.

In reality, it’s just not fair to blame this tragedy on marijuana because even a sober young driver could have made the same hot tempered error in the same situation. Tony Stewart is known as a bully and he has been involved in multiple conflicts in the past. When he bumped Ward’s car, it was insulting especially since the race was a big deal to the young driver. He was probably pumped up on adrenaline and road rage when he stepped out on the track, but that still doesn’t explain why Stewart’s car slightly swerved towards him before it struck him.

Many have speculated that Stewart only meant to scare him or to put him in his place, but couldn’t pull the car back in line quickly enough to avoid hitting him. Ultimately, no one will ever know what intentions were on that track on August 9 except for Tony Stewart himself. Either way, it’s safe to say that marijuana was not the chief problem at work.

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