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Published on November 8th, 2015 | by News Feed

Studies Reveal How CBD Improves Life in Many Different Ways

The main compound in cannabis is THC. The THC is what makes marijuana such a useful tool for treating everything from anxiety to depression to epilepsy. It’s also what creates a high after consuming marijuana. But recent research shows that you can experience many of the same benefits by removing the THC completely leaving you with CBD oil that doesn’t make you feel high. Here are some of the ways that CBD might be able to help you.

Beat a Nicotine Addiction

Twenty-four smokers were asked to participate in study that explored whether or not CBD could be used to help beat nicotine addiction. After just a week, the twelve smokers who were using CBD instead of the placebo reported a 40% decrease in the amount of nicotine they inhaled. Best of all, they didn’t crave nicotine, despite the reduced intake.

Alleviate Insomnia

People who use cannabis for medical reasons have reported feeling sleepy after consuming CBD, but it was only recently that non-habit forming CBD strains were created which help people who struggle with insomnia to get the rest their body and mind needs.

Drum Up An Appetite

Hospice caretakers have noticed that one of the things that causes their elderly patients to fade fast is a lack of appetite, which means a loss of vital nutrients. But when patients are given CBD, they have a natural spike in appetite, alleviating many symptoms associated with nutritional deficiencies.

Cope With PTSD

Anxiety can trigger some pretty severe reactions in someone who suffers from PTSD. The CBD in cannabis could be the solution. After ingesting the cannabis, the drug quickly goes to work easing the patient’s anxiety and psychotic episodes, restoring them to a steady and stable mental state.

Ease the Effects of Chrone’s Disease

Crohn’s Disease is a serious bowel disease that impacts thousands of people everyday. It turns out that the combination or CBD and THC does an excellent job of helping the body manage its gut function. This makes the person suffering from the disease feel some relief so they can enjoy life.

Manage Schizophrenia

In Germany, a group of researchers prescribed CBD and Amisulpride to a group of patients who suffered from schizophrenia to see if one was a more effective way of helping the patients manage their symptoms than the other. According to the published report, both treatments generated positive results, but the side effects of the CBD were less extreme, making it the preferred treatment.

Ease Chronic Fibromyalgia Pain

Individuals who suffer from fibromyalgia suffer from an intense amount of pain. In 2011, doctors discovered that CBD could be an important key to treating the disease. In a study that included the participation of 56 patients, those that used CBD reported a much higher reduction in both their pain and symptoms than the group that used a traditional method of managing their fibromyalgia.

It will be interesting to see how many different ways CBD can be used to improve people’s lives in the future. Have you tried CBD for medicinal purposes?

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