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Published on March 19th, 2015 | by News Feed

Suspicious Guacamole Leads to Huge Marijuana Smuggling Bust

Over the years, we have seen a lot of creative attempts to smuggle in marijuana, but this week’s reported attempt could be one of the craziest we have seen to date. Some creative criminals decided to disguise their ganja as guacamole and smuggle in 2,100 pounds of marijuana inside of bags of frozen avocado pulp.

Workers at the shipping facility though the boxes of avocado looked suspicious because they were just a little too heavy and were specially marked for “urgent pickup”. This raised some alarms and the workers alerted police to their suspicions. When officers responded to the scene, they brought along the drug dogs and it wasn’t long before they discovered the boxes held much more than the beginnings of some guacamole.

Hidden inside the avocado pulp was a ton of marijuana bricks, totaling 2,100 pounds of weed altogether. Police estimate the haul would have brought in $10 million on the street. The pot was staggered through more than 1500 boxes of avocado shipped from Mexico from a company called Frozavo. So far, Frozavo has declined to comment on the situation, but police say they are still in the process of conducting a full investigation.

This isn’t the first time someone tried to smuggle in huge loads of weed through food products. In 2010, criminals actually stuffed weed inside of watermelons and when police discovered their trick, they found 9,500 pounds of marijuana inside the melons. In 2014, criminals tried to paint the weed bundles to look like fruit, but despite their excellent artwork, cops noticed something was off and busted the operation.

For now, we’ll have to watch and see if police track down the people behind the ganja guacamole. In many cases, authorities never do find out for sure where the smuggling attempt began.

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