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Published on November 1st, 2015 | by News Feed

Trump Says Marijuana Is A State Issue

Over they ears more and more people have softened their stance on marijuana use. Many are now in favor of medical marijuana use and it would appear that a majority, nation wide, is in favor of a recreational use as well. The topic has garnered a lot of attention on the presidential campaign trail as of late. The topic was broached in the GOP debate held on Wednesday in Colorado.

“In terms of marijuana and legalization, I think that should be a state issue, state-by-state,” Trump said. His comments came hours after the GOP debate in Boulder, Colorado. Colorado legalized the use of marijuana in 2012 and has been a model for many other states that are hoping to follow on that path. Bernie Sanders is a democratic presidential hopeful and he feels that marijuana needs to be removed from the Federal list of dangerous drugs. This removal would make the legalization process much easier for states.

During the GOP debate on Wednesday night Governor John Kasich of Ohio was asked about legalization. The governor was demonstrably against this idea and stated that the children are the ones we have to be concerned about.

As for the GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, he says he neither smokes or drinks and certainly does not use marijuana. However his stance on marijuana has changed quite a bit over the years. In April 1990 he was quoted as saying that the war on drugs was lost and that the only way the government could ever hope to win would be through legalization. He then said that the money from the sale of these drugs should be used for education about the dangers of drugs.

“We’re losing badly the war on drugs,” Trump said at the time, according to an article in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. “You have to legalize drugs to win that war. You have to take the profit away from these drug czars.”

Medical marijuana is a topic that Trump has started supporting recently. During his June visit to the CPAC conference he was asked about the issue by moderator Sean Hannity. He was first asked about Colorado legalizing marijuana. “I say it’s bad. Medical marijuana is another thing, but I think it’s bad, and I feel strongly about it.”

Hannity then asked if he thought the issue was a states rights issue. “If they vote for it, they vote for it,” Trump said. “But, you know, they have got a lot of problems going on right now in Colorado. Some big problems.”

Nevada recently legalized medical marijuana. When asked the same question here in Nevada Trump offered this. “Marijuana is such a big thing,” Trump said. “I think medical should happen — right? Don’t we agree? I think so. And then I really believe we should leave it up to the states.”

“And of course you have Colorado,” Trump said. “And I love Colorado and the people are great, but there’s a question as to how it’s all working out there, you know? That’s not going exactly trouble-free. So I really think that we should study Colorado, see what’s happening.”

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