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Published on February 16th, 2016 | by News Feed

Two Medical Marijuana Laws Pending in Utah

Utah is prepared to join the 20 other states that have approved the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Now, the state needs to decide exactly how they’re going to handle the situation. At the moment there are two proposed medical marijuana bills in play. Both have received committee approval. The next step is to have the pros and cons of each bill debated by the full Utah State Congress, a debate that should take place quite quickly.

The first bill was proposed by Sen. Evan Vickers of Cedar City and fellow Republican Party member Rep. Brad Daw of Orem. If this bill gains the approval of the Utah Congress, it would allow a few thousand people the use of marijuana infused oil as part of their treatment for severe medical conditions such as cancer and HIV. The cannabidiol oil that would be used has a very low level of THC but a high amount of CBD, and has been very effective in the treatment of epileptic seizures. If passed, the bill would require doctors who treat the approved conditions to be registered with the state and to go through and intense training program before they would be allowed to prescribe the cannabidiol oil as part of their treatment. The proposed bill outlines a plan to license, track, and dispense the oil within the state.

Both the Church of Latter Day Saints and the Utah Medical Board are in favor of this very restrictive bill, however state residents who deal with chronic pain are protesting it. They feel that the restrictions will make it impossible for many of the people who would benefit from medical marijuana to be able to gain access to it.

The second proposal is the brain child of Republican Sen. Mark Madsen of Eagle Mountain. If his bill passes, edible marijuana products would be made available to people with medical conditions that could be eased with the assistance of cannabis. Based on the current terms of his proposal, tens of thousands Utah residents would be allowed to use medical marijuana to ease pain and aid in the treatment of a wide number of medical maladies. This less restrictive bill appeals to a large portion of the Utah population.

No matter which bill passes, the use of medical marijuana will soon be legalized in Utah, however it will be some time before many will be able to use it. Even after one of the bills passes, there will be a great deal of debate about how to cultivate and distribute the cannabis.

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