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Published on March 2nd, 2015 | by News Feed

Vaporizers Create Celebrity Buzz at 2015 Oscars

Hollywood is always trying to set the standard and it appears they have succeeded once more. The 2015 Oscars went off without a hitch and while host Neil Patrick Harris might be receiving all the news, basically for his underwear clad appearance, the real news is not who won what or who was snubbed. The real news of the night is the fact that vaporizers have become mainstream and made a very public appearance during the awards. The Oscars are known for offering highly valuable “gift bags” to those that have been nominated for awards. The idea is simple; to make sure that everyone goes home a winner.

This year the gift bags were valued at over $160,000. Some of the contents included a $1,500 trip to Tuscany as well as a $14,000 train ride across Canada. However the most noted and talked about gift this year was a $250 vaporizer from the professionals at Haze Technologies. The product is new and it is stunning. It has a new dual chamber technology that allows for multiple options while vaping. The product has been rumored since August to be a part of the gift bags and the marketing director for Haze is over the moon.

Jason Azurmendi is the marketing director for Haze Technologies and he was asked about the gift bags and the attention that this could bring the company. Here is what he said, “This is the first portable vaporizer with dual chambers, allowing the user to vape two different materials — dried herbs, concentrates, and oils — interchangeably, all by the switch of a button. We feel privileged to achieve this unprecedented placement. Our presence as a counter culture industry in front of a mainstream audience such as the Oscars establishes the realization of the distance that both the vaping industry and marijuana industry have gone to making their mark as legitimate businesses and more importantly, way of life.”

The simple truth is that marijuana was once an outcast and a loner. The once maligned plant has since been able to climb to relevance once again. The reality is that vaporizers and marijuana alike are no longer viewed as a stigma. Marijuana is becoming a much more socially accepted herb and many states are adjusting their laws for this. 4 states have already legalized marijuana and 20+ others have given the OK for medical uses. This industry is a thriving mecca for people looking to make money as well.

The vaporizer market is doing very well. Over the past year the sales have climbed and they are now at an all time high. One of the reasons for this is that vaping has become the preferred method of marijuana ingestion. When a vaporizer is used in the ingestion process it allows the user to inhale the cannabis without actually inhaling marijuana smoke. It is a cleaner and much safer method of ingestion. This seems to be the leading reason for why states like New York and Minnesota are requiring this form of ingestion.

And while the cleanliness and the healthy options are huge draws for many potential marijuana vapers, there is also another reason for the growth in the vaporizer market. Vaporizers are typically small and very discreet. Regardless of your personal stance on marijuana, most folks are not going to be interested in flaunting their cannabis. This is why vaporizers are so awesome. They allow the user to inhale without alerting the community that you are using marijuana. There is barely any smell.

Marijuana is a mainstream topic and it is also a very hotly debated topic among some politicians and community leaders. Marijuana is a naturally growing plant that offers great medical opportunities as well as recreational uses. No matter where you fall on the spectrum of debate, there is no denying the fact that the Oscars have just brought vaporizers and marijuana legalization to the forefront of any major social battles.

Do you think celebs will start to publicly endorse vaporizers in the future?

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