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Published on November 22nd, 2015 | by News Feed

Do You Want to Be the Face of California’s Medical Marijuana Program?

Do you currently live in California? Are you interested in the future of medical marijuana in the state of California? Are you willing to deal with a pile of bureaucracy and legislations, most of which you’ll be in charge of creating? If you answered yes to those three questions, you should send your resume to Governor Jerry Brown. You might be the exact person he’s looking for to head up his latest division, the Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation.

As of right now, the Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation is a work in progress and no word has been released about when it will be up and running. While the government works to put together the Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation, the governor has decided to look for someone to head it up and make sure operations run smoothly.

While some may laugh off the Bureau of Medical Marijuana as a joke, the organization will play an important role in the future of medical marijuana in the state. The organization and the person who eventually heads it up will be tasked with creating legislation to help regulate all aspects of medical marijuana. The first order of business will be creating permits that growers, distributors, handlers, and members of the medical marijuana community have to follow. Disciplinary measures for anyone who doesn’t adhere to the permits will also be created. Creating the necessary legislation will be difficult and time consuming. It’s also unlikely to make the person in charge very popular, which is why Governor Brown is willing to pay an annual salary that ranges from $115,608 to $128,808.

The person who wins the job will also be dealing with local, state, and federal government, including lots of people who aren’t fans of medical marijuana. Oaksterdam Chancellor, Dale Sky Jones, warned, “Whoever takes the job is probably going to have a target on their head.”

Strong communication skills and an ability to stay calm during confrontation are crucial. “It’s important that we have someone who can work across the aisle. Not just partisan, from Democrats to Republicans, but between the regulators and the industry,” Jones warns.

If you’re willing to be the face of California’s medical marijuana program, you should consider applying for the job. You can get more information here.

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