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Published on July 28th, 2014 | by News Feed

The Weirdest Weed Sightings of 2014

As the legalization of marijuana picks up steam, it’s increasingly common to stumble on smokers in unexpected places. If you still think it’s awkward to spot someone toking it up at the park, you won’t believe some of these outrageous weed sightings!

Farm to Table Cannabis 

In the heart of Los Angeles, a community of dedicated marijuana growers joined forces to host the first ever all-marijuana farmer’s market to celebrate the 4th of July. Instead of shopping for fresh corn on the cob or some vine ripened tomatoes, shoppers were able to get deep discounts on medical marijuana.

Denver County Fair 

The county fair used to be the perfect place to showcase your prize produce or most beautiful rose bushes. This year, Denver decided to mix things up by hosting a “Pot Pavilion” where locals could showcase pot plants, pipes, and pot brownies.

Massage Therapy With a Twist

Visiting the spa is always relaxing, but a handful of high end facilities are now offering the ultimate way to unwind with THC-infused massage oils and an incredible hash bath treatment.

The Samich Truck

Once upon a time, a young entrepreneur bought an old school bus. With a little upfitting, it was transformed into a one-of-a-kind food truck serving up all kinds of edible pot treats. This is the story of Samich Truck, a real live business on wheels that appeared in Denver earlier this year.

Lube For the Lady Parts 

If you thought the previous sightings were bizarre, you might want to sit down for this one. A brand new personal lubricant hit the shelves this year and the secret ingredient is THC. Foria is a spray-on oil that women can use to enhance their pleasure between the sheets.

The Strongest Coffee Known to Mankind

Have you ever heard the old stoner phrase, “Wake and Bake”? It just got a little easier with a brand new coffee drink, set to release to java lovers in Washington this year. Each cup of joe is lovingly infused with cannabis for the ultimate wake up call.

The White House Bathroom 

The weed sighting of the year award goes to the White House! Leave it to Snoop Dogg to take his stash along for a trip to the capitol. He recently gave Jimmy Kimmel a complete run down of how he lit one up in a White House bathroom, right under the nose of security staffers.

Now it’s your turn! Where have you spotted weed in unexpected places this year?

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