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Published on June 11th, 2015 | by News Feed

Will The NBA Ever Allow Medical Marijuana?

The major sporting leagues in the United States have all made their stance on marijuana very clear. Leagues such as the NFL have routinely banned players in excess of a year for possession of marijuana. The NBA has not taken that drastic of a stance but they too have made it clear that there is a zero tolerance policy. In the NBA if a player is found to have used marijuana they are subject to a 5 game suspension and they are automatically enrolled in the leagues substance abuse program.

While 23 states in the country have already passed laws about the use of marijuana, some allowing for recreational use and others simply medical use, the NBA refuses to change their stance on the issue. While the Denver Nuggets of the NBA might be at the epicenter, thee are even more players who could spear head this issue.

Last month super star Kevin Durant was filmed in California when a bottle appearing to be medical marijuana fell from his vehicle. His security detail was quick to try and cover the incident but it was caught on camera. The security tried to plead for the film but it did not happen. Kevin Durant is arguably the games second best player and the budding face of the game. If a player of his stature is caught with medical cannabis then what would the league do?

In order to better gauge the pulse of the NBA 10 current players were asked to speak on the issue of marijuana legality in the NBA. All 10 opted for anonymity but they all agreed that the substance needs to be freed.

“How can you tell a guy with a prescription not to use it. They should be allowed to have their medicine.”

“The NBA shouldn’t advertise for it, but I don’t see an issue if a player uses,” another said.

The NBA Players Association has already stated that this is an issue they will fight for if the members are interested. While the current CBA has 2 more years left, 2017 is quickly approaching. This could be the time when we see a major change in the stance on marijuana.

Of the 4 major sporting leagues in the United States the NBA would have the best chance of making a splash in this area. The NFL has regularly fined and suspended its players for marijuana use. They are not budging. The NBA is seen as more of a progressive league and more socially liberal. That could play in their favor.

The simple truth is that the NBA could be the gateway to marijuana freedom that many have been looking for.

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