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Published on September 17th, 2015 | by News Feed

Will the New Head of the DEA Cut Marijuana Some Slack?

Michele Leonhart was the former head of the DEA. Her name is well known by many marijuana activists and her fierce stance against marijuana was always clear and well funded. When she stepped down it was the hope of many that her replacement would be more open to personal liberty and freedom. That is not the case. Chuck Rosenberg is the new head of this agency and his most recent interview shed some light on his views.

Sitting down with Fox News host Jay Rosen, Rosenberg was prodded on several issues. The interview was originally based on the growing heroin issues in this country. However the host quickly turned the topic towards marijuana and its current classification as a class 1 narcotic…the same as heroin.

Marijuana is dangerous,” Rosenberg said. “It certainly is not as dangerous as other Schedule I controlled substances; it’s not as dangerous as heroin, clearly, but it’s still dangerous. It’s not good for you. I wouldn’t want my children smoking it. I wouldn’t recommend that anyone do it. So I don’t frankly see a reason to remove it.”

One of the more telling pieces in the interview focused on the federal governments lack of concern for individual states rights. The new head of the DEA mentioned that states like Colorado and Washington are not going to be given a free pass when it comes to marijuana.

“I’ve been very clear to my special agents in charge: If you have a big marijuana case, if that, in your jurisdiction, is one of your biggest problems, then bring it,” he said.

While there is no denying that the criminal justice system hates marijuana and all those associated with it, may activist have made the claim that marijuana is much safer than alcohol and yet alcohol has free reign in society. Even Jay Rosen was quick to point out that many of the issues associated with alcohol are not caused by marijuana. He did not however give support to the idea of legalization.

“I’m not willing to say that it’s good for you, or that it ought to be legalized,” Rosenberg continued. “I think it’s bad for you and that it ought to remain illegal.”

Chief Rosenberg made reference, on several occasions that the United States had, “tangled with that as a society in the 1930s. And we know how that went.” This was in reference to prohibition. And while he might think that prohibition on alcohol was a bad idea and even bad policy, he is still in favor of doing the same thing with marijuana.

He showed his bold hypocrisy when he said, “I choose not to drink alcohol, but I’m not going to impose that on anyone else.” The why, Mr. Rosenberg, are you willing to impart your views against marijuana on the rest of us?

Does this feel like a double standard to you?

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