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Published on February 16th, 2016 | by News Feed

Woody Harrelson Sets His Sights on a New Marijuana Business

Woody Harrelson has long been called the “Natural Born Stoner”. The Cheers star has never hidden the fact that he’s pro-marijuana from anyone. About 20 years ago, Harrelson made headlines when the Kentucky police arrested him for making an issue of how the state was unable to tell what separated hemp from marijuana. To prove his point, Harrelson picked a field where he planted exactly 4 hemp seeds. When police found out, they arrested the star on drug possession charges. It took Harrelson four years’ worth of court appearances and a trip before the Kentucky Supreme Court before a jury acquitted Harrelson. Had the guilty charge stuck, Harrelson could have spent a full year in prison.

These days, Harrelson is taking a different approach. He’s created a company called Simple Organic Life and filled out an application to be approved as a dispensary for medical marijuana in Hawaii. The Department of Health reports that they’ve received 60 such applications from various sources and will announce the 8 approvals in April.

Hawaii has allowed the use of medical marijuana for about 15 years and at the moment there are approximately 14,000 patients in the state authorized to use cannabis as part of their treatment program. What the state lacks are formal dispensaries. For the past 15 years, patients who have been approved to use cannabis for medical reasons could choose between growing their own marijuana or purchasing it from a licensed caregiver. This year, that’s going to change. It took some time, but the state approved measures that create a more formal method of getting the medical marijuana to the patients that need it.

The 60 applicants need to be prepared to not only invest a large chunk of cash into the creation of the dispensary if they’re approved, but they also have to be ready to act fast once they’ve received word of the approval. The Department of Health insists that the applicant be willing to invest $1 million into the project and that they have the dispensary up and open for business by this July.

If Harrelson is one of the 8 approved applicants he’ll be allowed to develop and create 2 separate production facilities as well as 2 retail locations.

At least one person, Representative Marcus Oshiro, has put forth a proposal that would ban the act of self-produced cannabis. His concern is that if the practice of self-cultivation for medical purposes is continued, than the dispensaries won’t thrive.

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