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Published on June 20th, 2015 | by News Feed

Should You Be Worried About Pesticide on Marijuana?

Eating vegetables and fruits that have been tainted with pesticide is a major no-no. While pesticides are used all over the world, especially in the United States, they are very regulated. For many people the regulations serve as a standard test that tells them everything is ok. As with most items the government handles, many people feel that when the government regulates an item it becomes safer. This is not the case with pesticides. This is one of the key areas that led to the organic food movement.

While the debate regarding the legal status of marijuana continues to grow there is another area of contention that is coming to the forefront. Marijuana is a naturally growing plant. Because marijuana is a plant there are natural predators that like to feed on the plants leaves. In a large production farm the best way to guard against this is to use pesticide. However this is causing a lot of concern for many marijuana users. Is this pesticide tainting the marijuana? Are there going to be any ill effects that come from the exposure to this element?

NPR has been following this story and they have released a new report. The report covers the use of unregulated pesticide by commercial marijuana farmers.

“It’s the federal government that tells farmers which pesticides are safe to use,” NPR reported. “And so far, the feds wants nothing to do with legalized marijuana. Colorado State University entomologist Whitney Cranshaw says that’s left growers to experiment with little oversight.”

As with almost any item in the world, money has a major part in what we allow and what we do not allow. Grow rooms are a very valuable commodity in the marijuana business. Hundreds of thousands of dollars can be made in these rooms and their value can hardly be calculated. This has led many to wonder whether or not the owners of these rooms are really concerned with the effects that these pesticides could have over the long term.

“In the absence of any direction the subject of pesticide use on the crop has just devolved to just whatever people think is working or they think is appropriate,” Cranshaw told NPR.

“Other agricultural industries already have policy in place for the safe use of spraying certain pesticides and fungicides,” Brett Eaton, a plant expert with the American Cannabis Company continued. “This being a new industry, it hasn’t been addressed yet.”

Are pesticides something that you would worry about when it comes to your marijuana? Obviously the government does not have our best interest at heart but some would argue that corporate America does not either. Has marijuana become a part of corporate America?

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