Vaporizer Reviews

When you are looking for the perfect vaporizer, the process can be a little overwhelming. There are literally hundreds of personal vaporizers available today and they each offer a unique set of benefits. How do you even begin to wade through the options and find the right brand? We’ve spent months evaluating some of the industry’s hottest vaporizers and found some that were stellar and others that were really a waste of time and money. In our vaporizer reviews, we give you an honest look at each product so you can see how it works before you actually buy it.

There are lots of vaporizers to choose from and we have reviewed them all! You can find desktop vaporizers that plug into an electrical outlet for home use or for parties. If you travel a lot, portable vaporizers are perfect because they are usually battery operated and much smaller for easy transport. If you want a vaporizer that is great for daily use, the pen vapes are a perfect choice. We will give you a detailed look at each style of vaporizer and then show you the brands that we like best after a lot of testing and trial and error.

Before we write a vaporizer review, our team gives the product a really detailed test run. We use the unit for several weeks to see if it’s durable. We try it with all the different attachments and check out whether it works best with herbs, waxes, or oils. We take note of the pros and cons and then lay it all out for you in our detailed reviews.

When you rely on us for your vaporizer reviews, you can have confidence that you are getting an insider look at different products without worrying about a sales pitch. In fact, we aren’t selling anything! We are just telling you which vaporizers work and which ones are best left untouched. Then you can decide which brand is right for you!

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