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Published on May 30th, 2014 | by admin

Arizer Extreme Q Reviewed

Arizer Extreme Q Reviewed admin
Hit Size - 97%
Construction - 91%
Usability - 90%
Cleaning - 95%
Herb/Oil Capacity - 93%
Cost - 91%



User Rating: 2.4 (27 votes)

The Arizer Extreme Q is a sleek desktop vaporizer with a tapered cylinder design and a lot of versatility. It offers ultimate convenience with a digital display so you can quickly see adjust the temperature setting and see it change in real time. The best thing about this model is that it can be used in several different ways. The kit comes with a bowl, a whip, and a bag attachment so no matter how you like to vape, the Arizer Extreme Q offers what you need.

I’ve tried a lot of vaporizers that were complicated and required a lot of time for set up and cleaning. The good news is that the Arizer Extreme Q is really simple to put together and use. The main bowl holds your herbs and then you just sit in on the heating element. Then attach the bag and set your temperature. Turn the fan on and the bag will inflate. It’s really intuitive and easy for even beginning vapers to use. When you use the bag attachment, it’s perfect for vaping with your roommate or friends, but if you prefer to vape solo, then just attach the whip and you won’t have to worry about inflating the bag. You get both options in one kit with the Extreme Q.

The only downside to this unit is that are several little glass pieces so if you tend to be clumsy, you will have to be extra careful. Fortunately, Arizer provides a 3-year warranty on the vaporizer components so if you happen to break one of the glass pieces, it’s not hard to get a replacement.

Some of my friends thought it was strange that the Arizer Extreme Q included a remote control. After all, you will have to get up and be next to the vaporizer when you actually inhale. However, I found the remote to be a really handy feature. I can flip it on and set the temperature and fan speed and allow it to heat up while I turn on the TV, grab a snack, or just get comfortable on the sofa. Then by the time I’m situated and ready to vape, it’s already ready for me to take that first puff.

After trying the Extreme Q for several weeks, I was really pleased with how it performed. The temperature settings were easy to control and it heats up quickly. Personally, I like the Volcano better if I’m vaping with friends, but this unit still did the job without much problem. Sharing is still possible, but you have to make sure you hold your finger over the hole on the glass piece. This is really a tiny problem, but it’s something I did notice after a few weeks of using it on a regular basis.

The overall design is impressive and the heavy duty power pack incudes a three-prong plug. The kit comes with a variety of accessories: a remote control, two bowls, a glass stir stick, two mouth pieces, two balloons, extra screens, a potpourri dish, and a quality three-foot whip. I soon realized that I wanted a battery pack, but it isn’t included in the kit. You have to buy it separately, but if you plan to use the Arizer Extreme Q for traveling, I highly recommend it.

My favorite feature of this vaporizer is the noise reduction. Even when the fan is running on high, it’s still quiet and won’t drown out the sound of the TV or radio. I also liked that the temperature was easy to change and would adjust to your setting within around 30 seconds.

Overall, the Arizer Extreme Q is a great vaporizer that gives you plenty of versatility so you can learn which way you prefer to vape. Whether you want to use a whip, a bowl, or a balloon, you can make them all work with this unit. It offers solid performance at a reasonable price so I think this vaporizer is really a rewarding choice.

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